Train Simulator is a state-of-the-art training facility having the most similar environment to the real situations such as weather, operating track, and signaling systems so as for train drivers to improve their driving skills and to practice dealing with the contingent problems.
DAEATI has succeeded in providing a lot of Train Simulator to the fields of railway industry.
Especially, Korea Transportation Safety Authority and Korail Human Resources Development Institute are operating the simulators for the purpose of examination for the Railway Driver's License.
 Main Project
Name Employer Type Delivery
Train Simulator for Diesel Locomotive KORAIL FTS 5, PTS 2
CAI 150
Train Simulator for KTX / CAI for KTX-II KORAIL KTX FTS 1, PTS 4
Train Simulator for Busan Subway Line 4 Busan Transportation Corporation FTS 1, PTS 2
CAI 30
Driving License Testing Equipment for Railway Vehicles Woosong University FTS 1, PTS 5
CAI 30
Train Simulator for evaluating driving license of railway vehicles KORAIL FTS 1 2009
EMU Train Simulator for Seoul Metro 9 Metro 9 FTS 1, PTS 5
CAI 30
Train Simulator for Railway Vehicle Driving Tester Korea Transportation Safety Authority FTS 1 2007
Train Simulator for Busan Subway Line 3 Busan Transportation Corporation FTS 1, PTS 5
CAI 1pack
Train Simulator for Gwangju Subway Line 1 Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation FTS 2
CAI 1pack
 Training Simulator Composition
 Full Type Simulator(FTS)
FTS provides realistic training environment to the drivers.
The simulator has a driver's cab controlled by a single instructor station and visual system, displaying 3D CGI on the 3ch cylindrical wide screen, 5.1ch surround sound system and 3axis motion system.
Most of the equipment/instruments in the cab are equipped as real i.e actual train panels and controllers interface with simulation computers.
It realizes the same functions with the actual train through accurate train simulation techniques and enables the fault handling practice by the control desk.
 Personal Type Simulator(PTS)
PTS is designed for self-training.
It consists of a similar driver's control desk with relevant devices, visual system displaying 3D CGI on the monitor and 2.1ch stereo audio system.
The other gauges or instrument are embodied by graphics or touch screen computer.
 Computer Aided Instruction(CAI or CBT)
CAI is an integrated education system utilizing computerized materials such as sounds, videos and animations rather text-based media.
With the help of CAI, instructors and trainees can have both theoretical and practical training in more interactive and effective ways.
 FTS vs PTS Comparison
Concept Identical Train Environment as the real train for Driver Training Simplified training for basic driving skill
H/W Driver's Cab - Real Cab
- Real Control Desk & Equipment
- CCTV Equipped
- Without Cab
- Self-manufactured Control Desk & Equipment
- CCTV not Equipped
Instructor Station Control Range Simultaneous Control for 2 FTS Simultaneous Control for 5 PTS
Monitoring System Instructor Control, Track Image, Run-Curve & Signaling Control, CCTV, TCMS Optional (Instructor Control, Run-Curve & Signaling Control, CCTV)
Communication System Train Radio and Public Address Interphone
Visual System 1/2/3ch Projection System 1ch LCD monitor
Sound System 5.1ch Surround System Stereo System
Fault Handling System 42" LCD Monitor 21"LCD Monitor
Motion System 3 axis electric motion actuator N/A
S/W Evaluation Program For Test & Evaluation for Drivers License For Personal Traning
Fault Handling Program Driver's Cab Applicable (Real Equipment) Applicable (Touch Screen Type)
Passenger Car Applicable Applicable
Run Curve & Signaling Control Program Applicable Optional
Platform embodying program Applicable N/A

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